Thoughts On Columbus Day

The second Monday in October is typically a day that is more politically frought than most throughout the United States of America, often divided between opposing thoughts on celebrating Christopher Columbus, an explorer and colonist who traveled between Europe and the Americas four times between 1492 to 1503. He encountered what would later be called … Continue reading Thoughts On Columbus Day

Dixie’s War: The Historiography of the Confederate States of America

The American Civil War is a subject that brings to mind images of soldiers in blue and gray lining up and firing at one another, the heroic and gallant military commanders on horseback commanding from the front, and political titans such as Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis guiding the course of the war from their … Continue reading Dixie’s War: The Historiography of the Confederate States of America

Long Island and Segregation

Following the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945, the United States saw a massive influx of men in uniform returning home. They benefited from numerous laws and programs meant to help these millions of service members to reintegrate into society, from the G.I. Bill that helped veterans earn an education and offered low-cost … Continue reading Long Island and Segregation