Long Island and Segregation

Following the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945, the United States saw a massive influx of men in uniform returning home. They benefited from numerous laws and programs meant to help these millions of service members to reintegrate into society, from the G.I. Bill that helped veterans earn an education and offered low-cost … Continue reading Long Island and Segregation

The Shining City: Classical Athens and its Historiography

Classical Athens was a titan in the ancient world, a city-state resplendent with wealth and power. Her powerful navy was known throughout the Near East as a significant military force, while the city’s machine of commerce hummed as this power earned its strength through trade. From its rise as a significant city-state during the aftermath … Continue reading The Shining City: Classical Athens and its Historiography

Sacrifices Buried

Throughout the Second World War in the European theatre—from the invasion of Poland to Operation Barbarossa and the Fall of Berlin—the Allied Powers fought vigorously and sacrificed much to eradicate the evilest regime in the history of the world. Tens of millions died from the battlefields to the bombed cities and the concentration camps, both … Continue reading Sacrifices Buried