Understanding Historical Revisionism

History is perhaps one of the most important fields in academia, and one which has a significant influence on everyday life. Every aspect of our politics revolves around what happened in the past, while today many of the issues in the so-called "culture wars" are issues that are often dealt with in the realm of … Continue reading Understanding Historical Revisionism

It’s Morning Again: Ronald Reagan and the 1984 Presidential Election

During the 1984 Presidential election, the nation's 40th President Ronald Wilson Reagan faced re-election for a second term in the White House. The race was an easy one, President Reagan winning one of the largest electoral and popular landslides in history. Three major factors can be attributed to this victory. These factors include the rise … Continue reading It’s Morning Again: Ronald Reagan and the 1984 Presidential Election

Antisemitism and George Soros

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani this week made headlines in an interview with Intelligencer where he made the patently false claim that the ambassadors and other State Department employees were put in place by billionaire and philantropist George Soros, continuing a lengthy tradition within the far-right of Soros-related conspiracy theories. This article very quickly unleashed … Continue reading Antisemitism and George Soros