Our Leadership Crisis: Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Failure

It has been nearly a month since COVID-19 landed on our shores and led the United States into its worst crisis since the Great Recession. An estimated 216,000 United States citizens have the virus, while so far around 5,000 have passed away as a result. These numbers are likely to change as we are currently … Continue reading Our Leadership Crisis: Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Failure

Pete Buttigieg for President

The Democratic Party is facing one of its largest primaries in recent political history. It was only in 1976 in living memory that the party faced so many candidates with sixteen running for their party's nomination, including the eventual nominee in Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, who faced opponents such as Alabama Governor George Wallace, Arizona … Continue reading Pete Buttigieg for President

Why Trump’s Transgender Ban is Wrong

President Donald Trump in a surprise series of tweets announced that he was banning transgender Americans from serving in the United States military, saying that “…the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.” This decision comes on the sixty-ninth anniversary of President Harry … Continue reading Why Trump’s Transgender Ban is Wrong